Foster a KPI

  1. Shared Vision
  2. Safe Spaces for team development
  3. Giving and receiving feedback
  4. Learning and sharing
  1. Secondly, you have informational silos. Performance specialist report on CPC / CPA, SEO, Visits, UX, Bounce Rate, Devs, releases, PM time to market, customer service NPS… You name it. I do not want a metric, I want the insight, the number behind it.
  2. Finally, they do not build together. As objectives are normally role oriented, they do not collaborate. (and if you are working under a matrix structure, you know how big the pain it is.
  1. Acquisition metrics: Tráfic & Paid Traffic (Number and Percentage)
  2. Activation: Conversion Rate, Bounce, NPS
  3. Efficiency: CPC, CPA
  4. Next task is to assign each metric to someone that has nothing to do with it and this is something extremely important. The reason why its not about avoiding them to brag about their numbers or present excuses is about bringing new knowledge on the table. Example: If the SEO person has to explain why the CPA or CPL has dropped (or not) he/she will have to ask around and learn some new stuff. Keep a few metrics for yourself.
  5. Prepare the monthly half an hour meeting and do the homework. Share the templates you are going to use and explain how would you like them to present the data, who is going to be on the meeting, and remind them that this is something meant to be made as a team( that there is no problem if some numbers are wrong the first times, as maybe you are the one that has not explained yourself right.) Reinforce the safe space for some is going to be the first time talking about some of those numbers.
  6. At the first meeting, set the stage. If you tell the story before, the team will tend to follow the same structure. I found this hard in the beginning, but we came across additional benefits. If you set how conversations are structured around your numbers, you are changing the company culture. (you coach the system to change the culture)
  7. In the first couple of meetings, people will get the numbers wrong, surely they will not know what causes what and they may feel embarrassed of explaining the “work of others” but that is completely right. Just let them know in advance.
  1. Second, they get recognition, by listening to others explaining what have they accomplished they get the ego boost.
  2. Finally, as we rotate the KPI on a regular basis, they get to know more about the other roles. (how the increase of investment normally brings prices up, how changing the literals on a web page increase the conversion rate so the prices drop or how by improving the response time of the web page, the conversion is higher and the prices lower.



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Passionate Rock Climber, Avid Mountaineer, and clumsy surfer. I create safe spaces for team development. Hands-On Marketing Director